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Congratulations on choosing to boost your career by taking the VSI Certified Installer Online Training Course!

For nearly a decade, thousands of vinyl siding installers have proven their knowledge, skills, and professionalism by completing a VSI Certified Installer class in a classroom. Now it’s more convenient that ever with the online course.

Go at your own pace – all at once, or a chapter at a time. Whenever and wherever you want. It's up to you!

If you have two years’ experience as a vinyl siding installer, you may register for the online Certified Installer course. For only $175 you get access to a complete online learning environment providing all the information you need to become a VSI Certified Installer.

What are the benefits?

Pass the online exam and enjoy all of the benefits of being a VSI Certified Installer, including:

  • Independent validation of your expertise
  • Higher-quality work, reducing scrap and requiring fewer callbacks
  • Access to business-building tools, including listing on the VSI Certified Installer directory

What will I receive?

Looking to Recertify?

If you are currently certified as a VSI Certified Installer and need to recertify, you do not need to register. Just log in using the button on the right using the username and password from your recertification correspondence. The three-year recertification fee is $99.

If you cannot locate your username and/or password, please contact
or call (877) 627-8997.

Once certified, you will receive your VSI Certified Installer badge and certificate in the mail. Your contact information (unless you specify otherwise) will be added to the Official Registry of Certified Installers and Trainers on the VSI website, which homeowners can use to search geographically for Certified Installers. You will be able to use the VSI Certified Installer logo on your business cards and marketing materials. In addition, the Your Home Deserves the Best brochure is a great way to market yourself and your business with potential customers. The Certified Installer Resource Page on the VSI website has links to additional marketing materials, videos, documents, etc.

How long does my certification last?

Once you pass the test, you will become a VSI Certified Installer. The certification is valid for three years. Recertification after three years is as simple as passing an online, open book recertification exam, filling out the recertification form and paying the fee.

What if I have questions?

Contact the Program Administrator at or 877-627-8997 with questions on the VSI Certified Installer Program.